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Two Tone Test Generator

The Hendricks Two Tone Generator provides the builder with a universal two tone generator to test the quality of an ssb transmitter by injecting two non-harmonic tones (700 Hz and 1900 Hz) into the microphone input, and evaluating the displayed envelope output with an oscilloscope. The device has two outputs, one for a direct connection (33K ohm) to the transmitter microphone input, and another with an output to drive a speaker so that the microphone can also be included in the test. Line output amplitude is adjustable from approximately 250 uV to 2.50V p-p.

The kit comes complete with all the electrical/mechanical components. It is designed as a board/component only kit to be used as is, mounted with rubber feet, or the user could mount the board in a chassis, see page six. It uses all through hole components, and can be easily assembled with the normally available kit building tools. It is powered by a board mounted, 9 volt battery, (not included).

Supporting Files and Documents

 Two Tone Test Generator Assembly Manual (1/26/2015 update)

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