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Tayloe SWR Indicator/Bridge Kit

We are pleased to offer the Tayloe SWR Indicator/Bridge kit designed by Dan Tayloe, N7VE. Dan designed this circuit several years ago, and it has been used in several tuners, including the ALT, BLT, and the Roy Gregson designed Z-Match Tuners. Dan has finally layed out a board that makes building and mounting the kit an absolute snap. All that you have to do to mount the kit is drill 2 holes in your panel, one for the DPDT switch which will mount the board, and one for the LED!! Simple as that. The cost of the kit is only $20.00 and includes a double sided, plated through, silkscreened board, all board mounted parts, including wire for winding the toroid.

This kit will enable you to always know if your rig is matched to the antenna. The neat thing is that it also has a built in bridge that you can use to tune up and not harm your finals. This kit is ideal for building into a rig, or you can build it stand alone in a small box. There are only 2 connections to make, transmitter and antenna. To operate, switch the bridge in, tune your antenna tuner until the LED goes out or dims, then switch to operate and you are ready to transmit.

Top view of Tayloe SWR Kit

Bottom view of Tayloe SWR Kit

Top view of Tayloe SWR Kit

Schematic of Tayloe SWR Kit

Manuals and other useful information

 SWR Indicator/Bridge Builders Manual (ver 3)

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Tayloe SWR Indicator Kit: $20.00
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