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Switched Longwire Tuner Plus

The SLT+ is a Switched Longwire Tuner that is ideal for tuning a longwire. With just one support and a length of wire and the SLT+ getting a signal on the air has never been easier. The SLT+ has been completely redesigned and updated by Steve Weber and Ken LoCasale. No more drilling of holes!! The case is prepunched, finished brushed aluminum that comes complete with decals as shown. And now you can tune 80 meters!! It is the perfect tuner for hikers, backpackers, campers and to throw in the suitcase for that overnight business trip. The SLT+ now features improved slide switches which reduce the weight and are much smaller in size. One of the problems with the old kit was that the builder had to measure and drill the holes. Ken LoCasale, who designs all of our cases was not happy with the old case and suggested a complete redesign. Steve Weber said that as long as we are redoing the board, we might as well add 80 meters. Check out the manual below. The kit comes with all parts, wire, commercial quality doublesided silkscreened soldermasked board, and a prepunched brushed aluminum case.

Supporting Files and Documents

 Switched Longwire Tuner Plus Builders manual (rev 4/17/09)

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Switched Longwire Tuner Plus: $70.00
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