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Scout Regen Receiver

The Scout Regen is a simple 2 band regenerative radio receiver that is capable of receiving signals from 3.5 to 11 MHz. This covers the 75/80 Meter, 60 Meter, 40 Meter, and 30 Meter ham bands plus the SWL bands around 6 and 9 MHz. WWV on 5 and 10 Mhz. are also a bonus. The kit is complete with L shaped aluminum chassis, quality doublesided silkscreened soldermasked board, all parts, hookup wire, board mounted battery holder, it even has a 2.1mm power connector in case you want to use it with a wall wart type of power supply.

I have always wanted to kit a regen as I think it is the perfect first receiver for anyone interested in listening to hams or foreign broadcast. Charles Kitchin designed this circuit several years ago and very graciously gave me permission to kit it. Dan Tayloe did the board layout and came up with the coil form using CPVC pipe. Ken LoCasale designed the case and came up with the connectors for the battery and the antenna.

This kit is ideal for the first time builder, and a great kit to have a kid build with some help from an ELMER. All parts are through hole, the manual is very complete and easy to understand, and it has been designed with the first time builder in mind.

All that you need is a 9V battery and a length of wire for an antenna and you will be pulling signals out of the air!! Reception and sensitivity are quite good, and the rig is very stable. It is perfect to use for monitoring the bands while you are busy at the bench building that next project.

Supporting Files and Documents

 Scout Regen Builders manual (rev 1.2.1 5/4/09)

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