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RF Probe Kit

The Hendricks R.F. probe is a handy test device to have in your shack. When used with an inexpensive high impedance digital voltmeter (typically 11 megohm input impedance), you can measure RF voltage in your solid state circuits, and trace RF through your new designs or malfunctioning circuits. You will be able to detect RF voltages in the range of .25v to 50v, and accurately measure voltages in the range of 1.0v to 50v, the range of the 1N34A diode used in this design, well up to 30mHz. This design is shielded to prevent picking up unwanted stray signals, or broadcasting them to other stages while testing.

The kit is a complete set of components, and detailed assembly instructions are on-line. All that is needed are the usual kit assembly tools.

This product was showcased at the OzarkCon2009 building forum. Look for detailed troubleshooting techniques, using this handy tool in our files section.

Manuals and other useful information

 RF Probe Builders Manual (ver 031809)

 Using the RF Probe

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