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3 Band Portable Field Radio

Designed by Steve Weber. KD1JV

The updated PFR-3B now contains a rotary encoder and other minor changes to improve the performance.


Bands : 40 meters, 30 meters and 20 meters
Tuning range: Full band coverage
DDS VFO with 50 Hz slow tuning rate and 200 Hz fast tuning rate
Mode: CW only

Receiver MSD: 0.2 uV typical
Selectivity : 300 Hz
Four crystal IF filter and 600 Hz center frequency audio band pass filter
Receive current, no signal typical:
Active, 47 ma
Idle, 34 ma

5 watts at 12 volts, all bands +/- 10%
Transmitter current: 650 ma (40M) to 740 ma (20M) typical at 5 watts
Spurs: - 50 dBc maximum, all bands

5 to 40 wpm internal B mode iambic keyer
Two (2) 63 character keyer memories.

Coax or balanced line output
Built in SWR indicator and BLT (balanced line tuner)

Size: 7.2" long, 4.2" wide, 1.5" high (less knob height)

Power supply voltage: 8 volts minimum, 12.5 volts maximum. 12 to 9 volts recommended
External power or internal battery pack

Paddle Bracket

Pictured with American Morse DCP Paddles
  • Attaches to any PFR3 (including A and B versions)
  • Works with any of the the American Morse DCP, Porta Paddle, Mini-B, and MS-2 kits
  • Includes cable and all needed hardware
Supporting Files and Documents

 PFR-3B Production Manual

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