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Nearly All Discrete Component CW Transceiver for either 30m or 40m

Shown with optional Digital Dial



  • Tuning range ~ 60 kHz
  • Warm up drift - 10 minutes at room temp, ~ 100 Hz
  • MSD (minimum detectable signal) ~ 0.25 uV
  • Band width, small signal ~ 400 Hz
  • RIT range: - 2.5 kHz, + 1.1 kHz typical - range varies depending on operating frequency
  • Volume control with On/Off switch
  • Receiver current, no signal ~ 23 ma.
  • With Digital Dial ~ 45 ma.
  • Headphone level audio output
  • Power output: 3.5 watts
  • Spurs - 45 dBc
  • Transmitter current: 600 ma.
  • PA efficiency, ~ 75% typical

  • Operating voltage 11.5 - 14 volts
  • Size: 6" wide, 4" deep, 1.5" high

Supporting Files and Documents

 NADC 30m/40m Assembly Manual

 Ft Tuthill 15m Assembly/Operation Manual - Part 2 (v5)

 NADC Decal Instruction Manual

 NADC Chassis Preparation Manual
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Ordering Information

You may use our Order page to order the Nearly All Descrete Component 30m or 40m CW Transceiver by mail using check or money order. or

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When an order is placed through PayPal, shipping charges are automatically calculated then a confirmation email is immediately sent by PayPal. For more information about our shipping charges please take a look at our Order Form page. We also receive this same email, so please rest assured that we have logged your order into our books. No other order confirmation will be issued. Your kit will be shipped in 1-2 weeks after our receiving the order, unless otherwise stated. Thanks for your support.

Orders of multiple kits that I can ship in the same box will have shipping costs adjusted and the excess will be refunded.

NADC30 Basic Kit: $100.00
NADC30 Full Kit (with Digital Dial): $130.00
NADC40 Basic Kit: $100.00
NADC40 Full Kit (with Digital Dial: $130.00
Digital Dial: $35.00
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