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Ft Tuthill CW Transceiver

Shown with optional Digital Dial



  • DC receiver (not a superhet)
  • Current Drain: Approximately 45 ma @ 12v. The addition of the counter adds ~ 22 ma of addition current drain.
  • Supply voltage range: 10.5 to 14v
  • Receiver bandwidth: 700 Hz. Five pole R/C active filter provides the selectivity, nominally 3 dB down at 1 KHz, 40 dB down at ~2 KHz, 100 dB down at ~ 8 KHz
  • 0.16 uV receiver sensitivity
  • 5v pk-pk receiver detector design enables stout large signal performance
  • Power Output ~ 5w at 12v , 760 mA
  • All output harmonics less than -50 dBc
  • Transmitter is set up for a straight key input
  • Both RIT and XIT are provided with ~ 4000 Hz tuning range.
  • 60 KHz tuning ranges for 15m, ~ 21.000 - 21.060 and 21.075 - 21.135 MHz, or are available using a front panel range switch.
  • 30 KHz tuning ranges for 160m, ~ 1800 - 1835 and 1830 - 1865 MHz, or are available using a front panel range switch.
  • Spot switch to allow setting precise TX spotting. Spotting mode is entered via a push button. A 800 Hz blip is sent once a second to remind the user that the rig is in the "spot" mode.
  • Transmit protection - When the transmitter is left key down for more than three seconds, the transmitter going into a "dotting" mode. The transmitter is capable of running indefinitely in dotting mode.
  • The audio output has been designed to drive headphones and have been provided with audio compression to protect the user from sudden, large signals when using headphones.
  • A regulated 5v output has been provided for external keyer kits.

Supporting Files and Documents

 Ft Tuthill 15m Assembly/Operation Manual - Part 1 (v6)

 Ft Tuthill 15m Assembly/Operation Manual - Part 2 (v5)

 Revised Assembly instructions for the Bail 

 Ft Tuthill 15m Schematic

 Ft Tuthill 160 Assembly/Operation Manual - Part 1

 Ft Tuthill 160 Assembly/Operation Manual - Part 2

 Ft Tuthill 160 Schematic

 Ft Tuthill 160 Parts Overlays

 Ft Tuthill Decal Instruction Manual

 Ft Tuthill Chassis Preparation Manual

Links for 160m

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