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The DC40 Deluxe

A 40 Meter CW Transceiver

The DC40 Deluxe was a simple transceiver design with a direct conversion receiver, and a 2N7000 final that produced about a Watt on output. The receiver did not use NE602's and was almost immune to broadcast interference. 500 of these kits were produced during its lifetime of just about 1 year. The designer, Steve Weber, designed the rig after I asked him to design a simple dc transceiver that had good performance, was simple to build, and featured a keyer built in to the rig. The idea was that this would be a good first transceiver kit for the new builder, plus it was so inexpensive that old timers would use it for experimental purposes. I am pleased to say that we met both goals. The DC40 was retired on Feb. 12, 2007. It has been replaced by the DC40A, DC30A and the DC20A. The manual will stay here on the web site. 72, Doug, KI6DS

 DC40 Builders manual


  • C31 and C33 should be changed from 22pF NPO to 47pF NPO
  • Q1 should be a 2N2222A
  • Make sure that pin 9 of U2 is grounded. The best way is to place a jumper to pin 8.

Modifications, Reviews, and Comments

  Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ, has come up with a neat VXO mod that allows you to get a few kHz of coverage with the rig.

  Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ, has come up with a neat Sidetone Volume mod that allows you to get a volume control on the rig.

  Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ, Wrote this excellent review of the DC40.

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