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Tayloe Battery Status Indicator Kit


The TBSI, Tayloe Battery Status Indicator, is a simple circuit that was designed for us by Dan Tayloe, N7VE. It was inspired by Dr. Bob Armstrong, who wanted a simple way to determine the battery level of his internal batteries in the PFR-3. Dan designed the circuit and it is very simple, using a 3 color LED to indicate the voltage level of your battery supply. The voltage points are settable by the user anywhere between 4.5 and 16 volts. The device mounts simply by drilling 2 round holes in existing rigs, and we have even provided a method of mounting it directly to the battery in the case of gell cells or battery packs. Check out the manual which can be downloaded below. Also, Ken Locasale has provide a detailed manual on how to interface the BSI to a PFR-3 or any other radio which can also be down loaded.

Manuals and other useful information

 Battery Status Indicator Builders Manual (ver 1)

 Battery Status Indicator Board Mechanical Installation for the PFR-3

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